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Monitor your CPU, memory and disk usage

Do you like to keep an eye on your PC's performance? Big Meter Pro is a basic monitoring tool with a speedometer-like display.

The main gauge show you CPU usage, and in settings you can toggle smooth motion of the needle and whether it is blue or red. The two small meters show your RAM and Disk usage. In settings you can choose to run at startup, enable alerts and define the Disk you want to monitor (maybe you have more than one HDD).

There is nothing more to this utility. It's very attractive, but doesn't offer you as much information as other system monitors. The alerts are useful, but if your CPU or memory usage is critically high, you will be aware of it due to your PC grinding to a halt and getting hot!

Big Meter Pro is an attractive performance meter, but it's very limited and really not much more than window dressing for your desktop.

A free CPU meter for your desktop

A free CPU meter for your desktop, along with three more dials for memory, disk partition and process usage. This utility can continuously and simultaneously monitor these key computer parameters, displaying them on big dials for easy observation, as numeric percentage and analog hand rotation. It also offers you general information about your microprocessor (brand, type, speed), memory and disk (physical and logical drive).

Key Features:

- displays the CPU, Memory and Disk usage

- CPU usage for a selected process

- Multiple instances can run simultaneously

A process running on your computer can be selected for monitoring, and its CPU usage is computed as an average value from all processor cores data. So, with this free utility it's very easy to have a dynamic overview of your computer's performance, using a very small amount of its resources. The program's small window can be dragged anywhere on your screen and placed on top of other programs, with the opacity you have chosen.

This software utility is suitable for all audiences; users willing to optimize the power consumption for their laptops or tablet PCs.


  • Easy to read and good looking


  • Little information!

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Big Meter Pro


Big Meter Pro 3.0 for Windows

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